Our team of consultants aim to give you peace of mind for all of your requirements in England and in Portugal.


Our partners are legal professionals, Lawyers in England and Portugal, Accountants and Fiscal experts in Portugal.

We are professionals which worked for many year with the great professional and human being, the deceased Lawyer and Solicitor Maria Cecilia Gale, internationaly known as Lita Gale.


Her wish and desire was her team to carry on with the support and professional services to the citizens, specially the Portuguese Comunity living abroad the Country.


That is what we wish to be. Our dream is to keep the memory alive with the promisse to provide services with honesty, competence and transparency.

37 Uxbridge Street  

Notting Hill Gate

London W8 7TQ                               


Tel: +44 (0) 207 404 2899 / 0744 830 5609

                    0753 276 0494

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